Woodstock Martial Arts

Woodstocks Best School for Karate and Kobudo


When I began taking karate at the Woodstock Martial Arts Dojo under Sensei Roger, it was, for me, a totally new venture. Over the years I have enjoyed playing floor hockey, lifting weights, doing cardio training and swimming and I can honestly say that karate has been the most enjoyable and by far the most rewarding and beneficial of all. I am in my late 40's and it feels great to have the skills, strength and endurance that go along with Chito Ryu martial arts. The sense of belonging to a fantastic Dojo, the variety of members, the development of self-confidence and strength, the skills learned and the genuine care and concern of Sensei Roger and all the Senseis is top notch. Sensei Roger tirelessly devotes himself and offers a style of leadership that is both professional and personal at the same time. I encourage anyone who is interested to definitely give it a try....Martin.

I had never particular enjoyed physical activities – until I tried karate.  I have gained physical skills and self-confidence, and I don’t miss the extra 50 pounds I used to carry around.  Sensei Roger is one of the most gifted coaches that I have met in any setting.   The positive and supportive feeling at the dojo goes hand-in-hand with its high standards.  As a result, I have been privileged to see the development of the students and instructors at the dojo, in both skill and character.  I tried another dojo when I moved to London, but I keep coming back to Woodstock.