Woodstock Martial Arts

Woodstocks Best School for Karate and Kobudo





At Woodstock Martial Arts, we teach Chito-Ryu Karate. Our program is taught at 3 levels :

1. Children 8-10

2. Children 10-12

3 . Adult and Teen 13+ program

Please see the About Us Section of class times

The style of Chito-Ryu (1000 Year Chinese  Way) is an Okinawan style of Karate founded by Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose. O-Sensei Chitose named the style Chito-Ryu to reflect honour the inportant influence China played on the development of Martial Arts in Okinawa.  

Through the study of Kata, Kihon and Kumite (Pre-arranged forms, Basic technique and Sparring) , students gain the ability to defend themselves, while also developing self-control, self-discipline and self-worth.